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ÄKTA avant is a preparative protein purification system designed for fast and secure development of scalable methods and processes.
ÄKTA lab-scale protein purification systems are designed for purification of biomolecules, providing speed, performance, and flexibility in research and process development. ÄKTA systems use intelligent UNICORN™ system control software to combine simplicity with power in protein purification from your lab bench today to process development and full-scale bioprocess production tomorrow.
With ÄKTA systems, backed by GE Healthcare columns and chromatography media (resins), you are taken reliably from lab bench to pilot and production scale. That is why over 100 000 scientists all over the world rely on ÄKTA systems for their protein purification needs. Whatever your application and purification scale needs, we can help you change tomorrow today.
For morn information please visit www.gelifesciences.com/AKTA .


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