The most diverse collection of microorganisms, stem cell lines and animal and human cell lines


Millipore offers the most comprehensive portfolio of antibodies and assays across the life sciences industry.


Immunological products covering the fields of Cytokines, Cytokine Receptors, Adhesion, Apoptosis and CD antigens.

European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures ()

Premier collections of authenticated cell cultures and purified DNA from cell lines.


The leading supplier of laboratory water purification systems, filtration devices and products for genomics and proteomics.

MP Biomedicals

A comprehensive line of life science, fine chemical and diagnostic products.

MRC Holland

MLPA for relative quantification of up to 40 nucleic acid sequences in one reaction. Used for pre and postnatal analysis, hereditary cancer diagnostic, tumor characterization etc.


Largest supplier of cell culture products including sera, media, supplements and bioproduction consumables.


Biochemical and organic chemical products and kits used in various researches and as key components in pharmaceutical and other high technology manufacturing.
Over 11,000 Prestige Antibodies powered by Atlas Antibodies now available covering 9,300 human protein targets.
Custom oligos and siRNA with the most stringent quality control and shortest lead time.


Tissue microarrays include normal, malignant or metastatic formats.