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Nanalysis Benchtop NMR


NMReady™ is a revolutionary benchtop NMR spectrometer. It offers spectroscopic resolution at a fraction of the size, cost and maintenance of current NMR instrumentation. The innovative design brings analytical performance and point-of-need utility to the benchtop, fume hood or glovebox.

NMReady 60

  • Quickly perform routine NMR measurements (sample proton spectra and fluorine spectra)
  • One-Touch-NMR™ enables use by non-experts
  • Workflow improvement as a point-of-need application
  • Minimal stray field; safe for use
  • Available for either proton or fluorine NMR

On the Benchtop

By providing spectroscopic performance at the bench, NMReady will improve workflow, reduce costs of outsourcing and allow large organizations to optimize all of their spectroscopic resources.

As a Training Tool

The NMReady is an ideal training tool, whether it is securing accreditation for an institution or allowing students to get hands-on experience with NMR.

Low Maintenance

NMReady does not require cryogens and does not require weekly servicing by trained technical staff.


Technical Details

Magnet The NMReady contains a 1.4 T permanent magnet system that achieves spectroscopic resolution and high signal to noise at 60MHz through a combination of proprietary mechanical and electronic field optimizations. Our all-in-one compact desktop NMR spectrometer measures spectra with sub 1.4 Hz resolution using conventional NMR tubes.

User Interface Our One-Touch-NMR user interface makes data acquisition and processing easy. Simply hit go and once the data acquisition is complete the spectrum is ready for analysis with easy to use touch screen spectral processing tools.

Connectivity Data from the network-capable NMReady can be easily exported to a USB drive or LAN location for storage or further workup with tools such as Mnova NMR by Mestrelab Research (1 year license of Mnova included with NMReady purchase).

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