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Provides custom peptides and antisera services.

* Sole Distributor

Standard Peptides (Read more)

  • Peptide amounts from 2 mg to 10 g
  • Sequence length of 5-50 amino acids
  • Purity levels include Immunological Grade (>50%), >70%, >80% and >95%
  • Comprehensive modification offering
  • QC includes MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and reversed phase HPLC

Spots Custom Peptide Array (Read more)

SPOTs technology enables researchers to generate the enormous sequence diversity of custom peptide libraries for mapping applications. This technology enables easy identification of the functional domains of proteins by conducting functional assays on peptide libraries attached to cellulose membranes.

Aqua Peptides (Read more)

The Ultimate Method for Biomarker Quantitation…

Protein-AQUA? is a powerful, enabling technology that facilitates focused, quantitative studies of not only specific protein expression, but specific amino acid modification as well. The protein AQUA strategy, originally presented in 2003 by Dr. Steve Gygi and his team, enables absolute protein quantitation using stable isotope labeled peptides and HPLC-MS.

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