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The most reliable provider of custom synthetic DNA, siRNA, gene arrays etc.

siRNA Oligos (Read more)

Through the powerful science of RNA interference, successful gene silencing can be achieved with the use of synthetic, small interfering RNA (siRNA). By targeting these small, synthetic oligos, typically 19-23 bases in length against a specific gene of interest researchers are identifying gene function, elucidating pathways, and screening for potential new drug targets.
  • Deprotected, desalted and ready-to-use
  • μg to multi-gram capacity
  • Available in duplex or single-stranded form
  • Purified by PAGE or RP-HPLC upon request
  • Comprehensive QC and technical data sheet provided with each siRNA
  • Rapid turn-around time and high throughput capacity
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Guaranteed Yield and Approx. no. of Transfections
Turn-Around Time

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