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Wealtec provides a range of products for molecular biology research. Wealtec's products can be divided into four groups:

  1. Image system series: Dolphin-View image system, Dolphin-Doc image system, Dolphin-Chemi image system, Dolphin-Scan image system and Dolphin-1D software.
  2. Electrophoresis system: Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System (GES), Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System (V-GES), Electro-blotter, ELITE power supply family, and Yrdimes semi dry blotter.
  3. Basic laboratory apparatus: E-centrifuge, Block Heater, UV transilluminator.
  4. Consumable products: Blotting paper, Molecular weight standards and Agarose.


* Sole Distributor

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