We are a proud one-stop solution for all laboratory needs;
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About Us

Tin Hang Technology is the leading laboratory supplier in Hong Kong & Macau established in 1996. Representing over 100 renowned brands around the world, we supply a comprehensive range of products including:

Our 40+ employees providing timely and professional services to laboratories in academia,
hospitals, government and industrial sector.

We are a proud one-stop solution for all your laboratory needs;
please feel free to CONTACT US.

Our Team & Service

We pride ourselves in sourcing for our customers with any specific needs with in-depth application support. Our highly trained and dedicated customer service team provides timely response to all customer enquiries including price, stock availability and lead time.

Tin Hang Technology is the expert in import and distribution of licensed chemical and biological materials from around the world. We can help you acquiring controlled items for your work complying with local and overseas regulations.

Due to increasingly stringent controls on the import/export of chemicals and biomaterials, we understand the difficulties you face in dealing with local and international regulatory agencies to acquire the materials you need for your work. With our experience in the daily import/export of large quantity of these materials we could help you to overcome some of the hurdles that currently hamper your work complying with local/international laws and regulations, with our familiarity with these regulations, we could help you to order and deliver the materials to your lab in a timely and compliant manner.

Laboratories are complex systems, requiring various technical interfaces. In addition to the provision of furniture, integration with other specifications, like supply systems of water, electricity, gas and ventilation system are required.

THT One-Stop service turns this complex system into a seamless and simple solution for you.

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Job references:

University of Hong Kong, Civil and Engineering Department

University of Hong Kong, Price Philip’s Dental Hospital

Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Biomedical Sciences

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Pathology

Ocean Park